Scientific research allows us to separate fact from opinion, what is known from what remains to be learned.  Too often, however, the knowledge gained from research studies remains on the shelves in dusty academic journals rather than getting the information to the people who can use it.  It is my goal that the knowledge be used.


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  • Research PapersIncludes abstracts and full text of Dr. Gentile’s academic research papers, conference papers, and general audience papers
  • Resources for Parents: Includes materials and links created for parents by Dr. Gentile, including audio podcasts of the Science of Parenting radio show
  • Resources for Students: Includes interviews, papers, FAQs, and research measures for students studying media effects
  • Podcasts and Interviews Includes recorded interviews with Dr. Gentile (especially useful for students who need verbatim quotes)
  • Frequently Asked Questions: A list of questions and answers, with reference resources

As this site is under construction, the previous set of resources can be found here

For a full list of published research papers, please visit my Google Scholar Page