Science of Parenting

The Science of Parenting is a monthly radio show and podcast series hosted by Dr. Douglas Gentile and Michael Murray.

Our Mission:  To promote the healthy development of children through sharing scientific evidence with parents and educators.

Our Vision:  Parents and other adults have access to the scientific evidence they need to make healthy decisions related to raising children.


The show is a half hour of entertaining expert information and advice.  New shows will be posted monthly on a wide range of topics.  Please email me if there is a particular topic you would like to see addressed (dgentile (at)

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In addition to the show, there is a Science of Parenting blog to which you can subscribe, fact sheets, and other supporting materials. Click HERE to go to the Science of Parenting website.

The Science of Parenting is a production of Iowa State University Extension, the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University, and Dr. Douglas Gentile.  Some shows also generously supported by KHOI-FM radio and the Alexander Recording Kompany.