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DVD Video: Sex, Murder, and Video Games



Video games are the fastest growing form of media among children, youth, and young adults. Although there are many games on the market that are appropriate, engaging, and even educational, there is a significant subset that feature violence, killing, and gore. Unfortunately, some also objectify women and glamorize sexual exploitation and violence. At a time when fightening numbers of women are victims of sexual violence, it is unconscionable that major game makers portray extreme violence toward women as entertainment. Sadly these games are among the most popular with boys and young men. This video explores this dark and disturbing side of the video and computer game industry.

Hosted by David Walsh, Ph.D.

Dr. Walsh is the founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family.  Psychologist, educator, author, and parent of three, Dr. Walsh is one of the leading authorities in North America on the impact of media on children and families.  He has written several books, including the award-winning Selling out America's Children.

Written and directed by Monica Walsh, M.A. and Douglas Gentile, Ph.D.

Format:  DVD, 17 minutes, with discussion guide

"You will look at video games in a whole new way."  David Walsh, Ph.D
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