Research on the Effects of Media

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Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D.

Resources for Students and Researchers

So you have a research project or paper on some aspect of the media...Here is a wealth of information for you!

Do you need to find primary resources?  Here’s what you can find on this site:

The research summaries in book chapters are the easiest to read (below the research papers section)
Specific research studies, including theoretical frameworks and information about methods and measures
Videos with example studies and information about media effects
Books can be found on or your local library

Do you need to conduct your own research?

Some of the measures Dr. Gentile uses are available for you to use free

Do you need an interview and Dr. Gentile is not available?

Listen to podcasts of other people interviewing him
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page

Are you interested in the work happening at the Media Research Lab at Iowa State University?

Here is information on current studies and how you could become involved
Useful Links
Reputable Scientific Media Research